Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are you Getting yours?

Howdee all,


Are you getting your 20 bird minimum requirement of birds?


20 Bird MDR Small

“The former Bird RDA is now the 20 Bird Minimum Daily Requirement.  This new designation more clearly states the purpose of the distinction--that birders need to see a minimum number of species each day in order to stay sharp. .”

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This is how Birdchaser Rob Fergus is getting his

Gunnar of Birdingblogs is getting his..

I am trying each day to get mine..

Thanks Rob Fergus for this great concept…

I don’t always get mine…but, I try!


Add the above image to your blog and link back Robs original post so that others will know what this is all about.

Now~Go out and Get Yours!


  1. I am with you, Dawn. Getting it right now....

  2. Glad you are all getting your 20.
    I havent been doing that well for the past month while Colin was recovering.
    I am doing well now!


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