Thursday, June 09, 2011

Purple Martin Majesty

Howdee all,

I visited a high school classmate and facebook friend recently. She and her hubby have a birdhouse walk around their property.. .

We saw a few different nests in their nest boxes~the Tree swallows lined their nests with beautiful white feathers and the Wrens nests were made of twigs.

I didn’t take photos until the end of the Birdhouse trail, the last of the nest boxes.

Purple Martin houses..

Checking the houses for eggs.

around mom and dads_020

Inside the condo egg around mom and dads_022 Inside  the one family houses we find…

around mom and dads_019Four eggsaround mom and dads_014and in another three eggs….

The Martins pluck leaves from trees and put in the nest

There are many theories as to why they do this..

Check out this link.

around mom and dads_018

While walking in the boggy woods of their property I spotted this..

I think it is Orobanche uniflora ~One flowered Cancer root

~thanks Corey Husic for the ID.

around mom and dads_010


Meanwhile back at the ranch..

In the beautiful planter Attillio made..

MY flowers are growing..

Jasmine and morning glory in the back..

Cleome, Coleus, Sweet potato vine, zinnias

around mom and dads_034

A cool moth found in a nearby town..

Hickory Tussock Moth ~thanks Lisa Salt for the ID

around mom and dads_063

I Hope you all are having a great spring.

Summer is just around the corner. 

Jeff and I will be in CT until the end of the month and then head north to Acadia National park where we will stay one month.

From there a few weeks on Cape Cod, before returning to Mom and Dads driveway for a month…then back north to MA. for a few weeks to visit Jeff's family.

I hope to set up two bird outings in September…One from CT and one from MA. Hope you can join us!

What do you have planned for the summer?


  1. Hi Dawn, Excellent post today. The moth pic is just awesome! Sounds like you guys have a fine summer lined up. Enjoy, take care, and thanks for sharing on your blog. John

  2. You'll have to return and take photos of birdie babies. :) Your planter is looking lovely! Cool moth.

  3. I love seeing the eggs and I have never seen the inside of a purple martin box. That plant is very interesting--not sure I've seen it before.

  4. When you're in Maine, make a trip up to Machias Seal Island for puffins & razorbills. It's worth the trip!

  5. Saw only my third swallow taled kite jsut north of Savannah Ga today... loved the pics...

  6. Wonderful post and photos Dawn! Looking forward to the get together.

  7. Nice post, Dawn. Love the gourd-shaped Purple Martin house; it will keep the babies dry, safe and free of parasites. You got some great summer plans!

  8. Wonderful post! I have never seen what a Purple Martin nest looks like. Very cool! Interesting article on why the birds collect leaves. Looks like you have the beginnings of a beautiful garden planter - stunning! Awesome moth! Sounds like you have a busy summer planned. Enjoy!


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