Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not a spider

Howdee all,

While hanging outside with my sick Balliecat I see this crittter.

Harvestmen (Opiliones)

I called them Daddy long legs as a kid.

not sure the exact one..but I think I have the correct family

flowers in mom and dads garden_083

Easily separated from spiders by the broad fusion of the two body segments, so that the body appears to be composed of a singular segment. Also, as they do not possess silk glands, harvestmen can't form webs. Uniquely among the arachnids fertilization is direct: males possess a penis (also referred to in the literature as pene, aedagus or intromittent organ).via the Bug Guide

must be a little penis~I didn’t see one Winking smileOr perhaps this is a female.

flowers in mom and dads garden_084


Only 1 pair of eyes which may appear to be mounted on stalks

  • Long spindly legs
  • Do not have a waist and therefore appear to have only one body segment

flowers in mom and dads garden_087

Most species of harvestmen feed on other invertebrates although some consume plant matter. Others are scavengers and will feed on the carcasses of dead birds or mammals.

flowers in mom and dads garden_089

Harvestmen eat everything (omnivorous). They catch small insects or eat the decays of any dead animal, bird dung and other facial material, all kind of plant material and fungi.
They are normally active during the night. 

Via ~ http://ednieuw.home.xs4all.nl/Spiders/Opiliones/Opiliones.htm

flowers in mom and dads garden_091

Habitat and Distribution:

Members of the order Opiliones inhabit every continent except Antarctica. Daddy longlegs live in a variety of habitats, including forests, meadows, caves, and wetlands. Worldwide, there are over 6,400 species of Opilionids. 

via About.com

flowers in mom and dads garden_093

Does anyone know which Harvestman this is?


Update~taking one day at a time with Balliecat. Giving him as much attention as I can. 


  1. Keeping Ballie Cat in our prayers.

    I played with "Grandaddy Long Legs" when I was a kid. Any other 8 legged creature scared the crap out of me.

    Great post and photos Dawn!

  2. Ballie, Ballie, Ballie... we want Ballie in the purple harness. Nice longer than legged.

  3. The only spider I wasn't afraid of as a kid. During winter, when I worked at Oregon Caves the walls would be thick with Harvestmen.

  4. Great info Dawn!! Even though they aren't spiders they are in the "spider category" of my mind.
    You got some FANTASTIC captures!!

    Thinking of you and Ballie!

  5. Great photos Dawn and very interesting information.

    I do hope your Balliecat improves soon.

  6. Excellent post filled with interesting information and awesome photographs! Thinking of sweet Ballie boy. Sending happy, healthy wishes his way.


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