Monday, December 20, 2010

Road Trip …Where's Waldo?

Howdee all,

Saturday, Jeff, Sicksta Dell, Ballie and I piled into our luggage and present filled Ford Explorer and headed north…for our Christmas road trip.

We left the Homey in North Carolina to stay salt free…though, not clean..the birds are doing their best to color our Homey purple with Holly berry  poo.

So..Where's Waldo?road trp to PA_001road trp to PA_002Any guesses?

road trp to PA_004Waldo thought this was an amazing pork cutlet sandwich for 4 dollars..filled with coleslaw, tomato, onion and corn salsa.road trp to PA_005A cute little town…a quick stop for lunch and coffee..road trp to PA_006Check out the name of the candy store…do you know where Waldo is yet?road trp to PA_007Christmas tree with tractor decorationsroad trp to PA_008On the road again…thru winters whiteroad trp to PA_012Beautiful winter grays…road trp to PA_013Where's Waldo Now? Are we going north? West?

road trp to PA_017road trp to PA_019Can you guess where our first stop might be?road trp to PA_026I think some of you know…

Check out the ice laden trees…a frozen delightroad trp to PA_021We made it to our first destination Saturday evening…and this was one of the roads getting there..road trp to PA_028

So where was our first destination? was a city..and we went to visit a family member there…For those of you who don’t know my family here's another hint.

There was a football game on Sunday and the home team lost…in a nail biter game.

That’s it for the hints..good luck..there may be a huge trophy encrusted with gold and diamonds if you guess Where Waldo was in any of the above photos..or where he spent his first night.


  1. First stop in Mount Airy North Carolina, then you went North Rte 598 and Route 77 on route to Pittsburg PA

  2. The pork chop sandwich was at Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy. Mmm!

  3. I bet Waldo loved the trip! :-)

  4. Nice segment, have a safe journey!

  5. Glad the snow was on the sides of the road but not on the road itself. Safe journeys my friend :)

  6. I don't know which is disappointing because I could really use another jewel encrusted trophy.

  7. We've got some Where's Waldo books at the house.I probably used it more than the kids.Nice winter scenery!

  8. beachgrl
    Great job Sicksta..I think you got most of this correct...

    Correct!! When were you at Snappys? I loved my sandwich!

    Waldo had a grand time:)

    Nathan B
    Thanks Nathan..will take it slow!

    Thanks Kerri!

    Harold Stiver
    Hee hee..better luck next time..I have many more jewel encrusted trophy's:)

    Hee hee..I always liked the wheres waldo books..and when jeff found this fellow on the beach..Waldo decided to travel with us:)


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