Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby its cold outside…Let me in!

Howdee all,

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr….the past few days here in North Carolina have been unseasonably cold.  My sicksta who has lived here for a while says that this has been January weather.  I know my New England family and friends are also experiencing colder than normal temps.

My friends in Tucson boasted temps in the 80s!

How about the rest of you…is it colder or warmer than normal?…

imageI have a suggestion for all of you who are experiencing cold temps. If you want to stay warm when sleeping…Go buy Fleece Sheets…they are sooooooo soft and warm! Flannel sheets used to be my favorite..but Fleece are so much softer..and snuggly...… I also purchased the fluffiest and softest blanket ever from Costco…Home Goods has them too.

The only problem with this soft bedding is that you will never want to get out of bed. On the coldest day this week, Jeff stayed in bed all day…he brought his laptop into bed…his office was the soft fluffy nest of blankets…

Buyer beware…

So how cold was it this week?

  Sooo..cold this little Brown-headed nuthatch wanted to come in and try out our fluffy bedding.

Brown-headed nuthatch pecking at reflective window


Wasn’t that the silliest little bird?

Don’t you love its squeaky toy call.

Speaking about Birds…………Have you seen todays

Featured Bird Blogger of the Week???? Smile

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  1. "Unseasonably" cold was when we hiked the canyon. Otherwise, pretty much the same here, low 60s and high 30s. I don't like to go out in the cold either. Those fleece sheets are looking more inviting.
    Poor little bird. I've seen pygmy nuthatches here for the first time. They are WAY too fast to take a photo. Stay warm!!!!

  2. fun watching the nuthatch this am... thanks fir sharing.

  3. what a cute little bird - and the song makes it perfect - great Dawn!


  4. It has been very cold here--we are going thru the firewood. But at least it was up to 42 yesterday and maybe today too.

    I saw the fleece sheets at Penney's and wondered about them. We have been hooked on the 400 thread count sheets so I am not sure we would like fleece sheets.

    Keep warm!

  5. It's been about normal around here weather-wise. In Tennessee you just never know what to expect anymore. One day we're 60 and the next we're in the 20's! Today it's cold and rainy, perfect pajama weather. I really wanted to get some Christmas shopping done today but I don't want to get out in this mess. We're such wussies! lol!
    I bought good flannel sheets last winter at Penny's and it's what we're using today. I may have to try Fleece to see the difference. I always thought it was the same thing!

    LOVE your little Nuthatch!! I have to share that. lol

  6. Gaelyn
    you must get the fleece sheets! you will love them!!

    heyduke50 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the silly bird.

    Thanks Dan.

    Appalachian Lady
    If you want warm..and snuggly soft ..get the fleece! I love them.

    Howdee ..the fleece sheets are so much softer than flannel..You really should try them..Big lots recently had them on sale..So soft and warm!

    Thanks friends for all your kind comments!


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