Monday, February 26, 2007

Day in Tubac

Howdy all,

We are now in Patagonia, Arizona. Moved here from Tucson this afternoon. Nice to be back.

We were in the hummingbird aviary at the Sonoran Desert Museum. This little hummingbird hovered around me for over a minute...touching my hair...chin ...earings...shirt...what fun....

Below is a video of our day in Tubac, Arizona

Tubac and various Tucson pics

Image hosted by
by dawnjeffprodigynet


beachgrl said...

Looks like some more cool shops you visited. The humming birds are adorable. By the way Nob, your hair is getting long. Looks great though. How is the weather over there?

webmissus said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy -- can't wait to get back to Tubac! Thanks for the virtual shopping tour. Did you take I-19 south or the Sonoita way to get to Patagonia? Say hi to Nancy and Jack for us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the containers and yard figures are certainly very colorful. Very interesting to look at, don't know if I would like to own any though. I really loved the little hummer flying all around you and on you. The coolest ever. Love Chicky

Adele said...

All that garden stuff. I would have gone coocoo wanting everything. How were the prices? They seemed expensive. The art at the beginning was very bloody red. The music was cool.

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