Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lunch in Nogales Mexico

Howdy all,

Haven't taken too much video lately.....but we have been having fun birding and touring the area with our friends Dick and Judy and another friend who is visiting from Oregon.
Above are a few birds we have spotted in the area. The first bird the Rose throated Becard is a rarity not expected until later in the season. I was lucky enough to spot the bird near an rv at the start of one of our guided birding hikes.... I was very surprised to see it and everyone else was too.. everyone was very excited and I got a round of applause for finding it.
Later in the day I found a rare Western Wood Owl....I was convinced I was seeing a real owl...and had others convinced for a while too... I should go back and take a picture of really did look real.

Below is a video of a short trip into Nogales, Mexico for lunch. Tons of pharmacies there for getting cheap prescriptions...allot of Americans go there to get cheaper prices....also many Dental offices.
I am tired of Mexican food....actually I never really loved Mexican food...but i have had enough.
I still love Tamales and fish tacos..but i could do without the rest.


  1. ah oh someones mother is going to be very upset that someone went to Mexico without passport. More cool stuff that I can't have. ughh. Loved looking at it anyway. The paintings were very cool as well as all the baubles and wall art and oh well.

  2. the food looked yummy! i love the art work and cool decor... you guys must have had a great time..


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