Monday, February 19, 2007

Enjoying Tucson area

Howdy all.

We have been in Tucson for a few weeks now...Having a great time in the Desert.
Dick and Judy are here with us at Catalina State Park, we have been busy birding and seeing the sites. Below I have two videos. One is the Arizona Desert Museum
We had a wonderful day there. Check out the Black-bellied whistling-duck.

The next video is a hike we did in Sabino Canyon.

It was about a six mile hike, to some Seven Falls. We did this hike a few years ago, and enjoyed it again.

Nobbie continues to do ok.... he eats and drinks and goes outside as normal. He is on High blood pressure medicine. We are so happy he is still with us.


  1. What a change of scenery! (of course you know I love the ocean better...ha) The desert is beautiful though and the falls were wonderful.
    I think you should be on the look for meteorites in your area. Here is how to recognize them
    maybe you can find a huge one and get some money for it.

  2. Cool cacti and birdies. That crazy squawking one had Jackieboy running in the computer room to see what the heck was trapped in here. I will have one of those agave soon. I am trying to convince John to carry that more rounded species, if not I know where I can order it. I think a couple would look cool in my dropped cement patio.

  3. Well that was really nice. I certainly would not want to trip anyplace though. Ouch!! That one bird sure liked to talk. It was really neat how close they allowed you to get near them. Well this journey sure took us far away from the ocean. Love Chicky


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