Friday, February 09, 2007

The Culprit ..caught in the act

Leave a Salmon Salad unattended......this is what happens.....( see sprout evidence on Ballies right cheek, a sprout from the salad)....Jeff ate the salad anyway....

We are now at Catalina state park north of Tucson, Arizona. This is our third time staying at this park. We enjoy hiking and birding here...and just plan hanging out in our watching the birds at our feeders.
The video below I took for our friends Patti and Geno, they wanted to see the new section of the park....Check it out if you want to see what the Campground looks like.
There is also a short video of where I go to get wifi to upload the videos....and a little cafe ( French twist cafe) where we had lunch....sorry I forgot to take pictures of the lunch...but there are plenty of pastries to look at.
... ...This area is changing, the town of Tucson is spreading and coming out this way..New homes all around,,,,lots of new stores just down the road from the park......Rumor has it that there will be a new Walmart across the street from the Campground.

We shop at Trader Joe's here, I have been enjoying the Trader Joe's brand of lemon yogurt, and their no sugar grapefruit soda from Italy. yummmm. We also stop at Wild Oats health food stores....They have free samplings everyday. Near Wild Oats is a new Asian diner called Pei Wei, the prices look good so we will check that out soon. Here is a review of the restaurant.


  1. Yum, the French Twist Cafe looks great! So, did WiFi from the Holiday Inn work inside the cafe?

  2. Ballie! You were caught.
    Way to go dad, for eating the salad anyway. I am not sure I would be so brave. :)

  3. Well the pastries looked so good. Boo Hoo! Love Chicky


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