Friday, October 13, 2006

Canyon Creek Meadow hike, Mt Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon

This was a very nice hike, not to difficult and the weather was great.
We saw a few new birds, red crossbills, Black backed woodpecker and Chestnut backed chickadees.
The hike went by a small pond, thru a burn area of forest....many acres, and then to a meadow, which i imagine is wonderful when the wildflowers are blooming, from the meadow we went onto a glacial lake, very nice green color, and glaciers.
We met three nice young gals, 2 from Portland, Oregon area, one from new york that is considering moving to Oregon. Other than that we only saw one other person and their dog on the trail.

pictures of the hike here


  1. Looks like a nice hike. A shame about all the burnt trees, but it is nice to see the small green vegetation starting all over. Nature perseveres for sure.

  2. The sisters were cool. I wanted to see the package of the sardines with olives and tomatoes. That sounded yummy. They just had their annual sardine festival in Aberdeen last weekend. I think 30 people attended. teehee

  3. nice hike and background music.. I liked your lunch.. They both sounded very interesting.. Escpecially the sardines and olives..


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