Monday, October 16, 2006

Black Butte Hike, Sisters, Oregon

This is the hike we did yesterday...Black Butte Trail it was a good short exercise hike, 4 miles round trip. Click on the highlighted text and you can see pictures of what we should have seen. We happened to go on a overcast, chilly day, so not to many distant views for us.
It was good to get the exercise, as we just hung out and did nothing the day before.

I also got to try out my new shoes...with new insoles. So far so good, I will need a longer hike to get the real story. I now have the Keen Targhee II eVENT mid hiker. I was told to get a certain insole, 30 dollars I might add. but they seem to work they are the sof sole stable trac.
I also have new hiking poles from REI they are shock absorbing and were on sale. I like the poles too...I only used one to hike most of the time.....

Jeff and I both love to buy things here in Oregon as there is no sales tax...
We ordered a GPS Unit from which should arrive next week.
..this is a must so we wont get lost, again.

The unit I ordered is the Garmin 60 Csx
it has good reviews and it was 100 dollars less at walmart then anywhere online.
My Iritis in my left eye seems to be healing well...lets hope no more episodes. Today Jeff and I arrived in our second home Eugene, Oregon. we will be here for a few days at Cummins getting engine and generator check ups. Then onto the Yachats mushroom festival for the weekend and back to Eugene area to have work done on Homey.....I cant wait to get to all my old Haunts.....
tofu cheescake from the SWEET LIFE is calling my name....


  1. Well it was a bit noisy at the top with the wind. I guess you will have to go back there some time in the future to get a better view. Well I am not ready for snow even a little like i saw at the side of the road.
    Videos of you getting mushrooms next should be interesting.

  2. Too bad you didn't get any good views. I was kind of shivering watching you climb, so you better get to a warmer climate. Hope the shoes work out good for you and really glad you got the GPS unit. Save some Tofu cheesecake for me.

  3. Well the clouds were cool. I guess when they say someone is "in the clouds" they must not be seeing too clearly. Heres hoping for warmer weather.

  4. Nice shoes Nob.. Sorry the weather was bad and the view was crummy.


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