Thursday, October 05, 2006

Soda Springs, Hooper Springs and Formation Springs and Cave

Today started out rainy, so we stayed in till we met Barb at the hotel at 12. Hung out there and John joined us for lunch. After lunch Jeff, Barb and I headed out to See Hooper Springs, with the intent of bottling some of the carbonated water...but it didn't taste that good.
Soda water from these springs was known nationally after rail service reached this resort area in 1882.

We then went to Formation springs and Cave. Very pretty area this time of year with the fall colors.

This Nature Conservancy Preserve, a few miles outside of Soda Springs, was established to protect the crystal-clear pools and a unique wetland complex at the base of the scenic Aspen Mountains. The cold springs that feed the terraced pools and creek system deposit high concentrations of travertine (calcium carbonate), which gives the site its unique geology.

We finished off the day with some mexican food and a beautiful sunset.



  1. very beautiful colors of vegetation and sunset.
    some of the rock formation photos look kind of um, erotic. I would have liked to have seen what you guys ate for lunch. I missed mr. pointy man too. Say hi to John and Barb for me.

  2. oh, forgot to mention, the first video says it's no longer available.

  3. I really liked both of the videos. Too bad the bubbly water did not taste good. Well at least you got to hear the bubbles. It is nice to see you are all having a nice time exploring together.

  4. Nob.. I loved the videos.. The music was great in the last one and went perfect with the visuals.. It looked like a cool place to go.. The clouds were awesome as well... What did you guys end up eating? Can you email me your exact configurations on compressing your file size for You tube?

  5. Loved the grasses swaying to the music. Did you ask them to do that. Colors sure are pretty.


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