Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Biggest Week~ Red Admiral Greetings

 We stopped to bird when we first entered the boardwalk on the last evening of The Biggest Week in American Birding.
 It was nice to be on the boardwalk in the evening.
Many birders had left for the day and others were filtering out.
A few of us came in to catch some evening birding.
I noticed a butterfly on the railing.

It was a Red Admiral. 
It perched several times and flitted around..
There were others doing the same.

It flitted around several times and as we were speaking to friends one landed on our friends head.

 We didn't think much of it ..but it happened again when another friend stopped to say hello to us.

It would flutter about and if someone was still enough land on their head...

It would sit for a while then flutter off again...landing on the railing for a bit...

 This was friends filtered out of the boardwalk and we chatted..
The Red Admiral landed again and again on their head.

 I then went to the opposite side of the boardwalk where the Red Admiral seemed to like to find its perch from.
One landed on my shoulder..
and stayed for quite a while.

 It moved to the front of my shoulder

Then to my head...

 Jeff gave it a try..

I have no idea why they were doing this..
but we enjoyed the 
Red Admiral Greeting.

Its all just part of the magic that happens at
The Biggest Week in American Birding

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