Sunday, May 31, 2015

Here we are...Mom and Dads

Here we are...

Mom and Dads driveway.

We have been here a little over a week now.

Jeff and I have been busy cleaning up...weeding gardens, moving dirt, seeding the lawn and planting flowers.

I will mulch the flower beds sometime this week. Then perhaps some pruning and more weeding.

The vegetable garden was over run by wild violets. I weeded the garden and added newspaper as weed control.

I will dig some holes and plant a few veggies and HOPEFULLY I won't have to weed this garden again.

Here is our current view from our living room and dining room windows.
Mom and Dads Rhododendron bushes.
The shrubs are taller than our Homey...about 14 feet high!
Homey blocks mom and dads view of these flowers so... they have to visit in order to see them...we get full time enjoyment. :)
The Peonies just started to bloom.
These are my favorites!
Aren't they gorgeous?
I love the delicate petals and the big ball of yellow in the center.
Jeff and I plan on being here a few more weeks before heading to Massachusetts to visit Jeff's side of the family.
Until then.....I must go finish making some egg and tuna salad for tommorows visitors...our daughter and granddaughter will be here for the day!
Can't wait!











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