Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Warmth for the cold

We arrived here yesterday from our overnight at Camp Walmart in Savannah.

We found out upon opening the RV door that our cords and long sleeve shirts were not going to cut it.

It was in the low seventies and campers were walking around in shorts and tee shirts.

After a quick change of clothes and a half hour to set up Homey..I went for a stroll.


Seasons in the Sun RV park, Mims, Florida.

We've stayed here several times when visiting this part of Florida.

This time our site is under some big live oak trees draped with Spanish moss.

It’s a fairly private space that overlooks RV and picnic table storage..   

01dda0bd19090187248072e29e7ec7998010b5c034I walked around looking for birds.

There are several ponds and I found an Anhinga, Snowy and Great Egret.

01784b6a92562b892b1a6ca4719f77010e2acecf3eIbis crossing..

I heard the mewing of a Sapsucker, flocks of Cedar Waxwings and Robins flew overhead.

A pair of Red-shoulder hawk hunted the campground.


Besides the birds..

the campground was hopping.. people were out grilling dinners, out for their evening strolls, walking dogs, and sitting around in groups for Happy Hour.

A popular Rvers pastime.

013f34418d8046c032d29fa93cfc98525e75c2183e0103514c0fd2237fbf2e280fb0c956d60e820a837e Today Jeff and I took an early morning walk around the campground..Jeff found a group playing Pickle and he joined them…

We decided that we really needed to have some Rock Shrimp and went to Dixie Crossroads for our special treat.



Since we are both getting over a cold we stayed in our warm car and spent the afternoon doing some drive by birding….

Black Point Wildlife Drive.



A pair of Black Vultures…


Oh goodness gracious, our appetite has already been filled..

All the whites present and a few others to boot!



It was a lovely drive…one that can cure any cold.

P1060149Rafts of coot and Pintails…

P1060197Hooded Mergansers..




and many more…

Lots of flyover Roseate Spoonbills…

we had about 34 species for the ride…

  I think we have found a great cure for the common cold.

Disclaimer~this cure may not work if you are pregnant or nursing , if you don’t like birds, if you are just reading this blog...or you don’t have a license to drive to see the birds. …this will not be effective if you don’t have a cold to begin with. In some cases a cold can get worse if you roll your windows down and it is cold outside. Do not do this if you are drinking alcohol, unless it is a hot toddy.


  1. I loved your video and seeing MINWR again! Seeing your birdies in action was a special treat. Went to the Space Coast festival in 2010. Wonderful! Hope all signs of colds are vanished!

  2. Thanks Vickie..It sure is a wonderful place to be in the winter. Hope you get to go again.


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