Sunday, January 11, 2015

Frozen this and that

Its cold here in NC.

01ddb39a6258cbc95003768f272da1e24a44e6db15We should be moving south now.

Homey has been parked in Sickstas side yard for over a month. Its longer than we stay without a sewer hookup.


The black tank threatens to overflow ~so… we stopped using it.

Yeah….Jeff uses a plastic juice bottle and in the dark of night I squat outside. For the dark stuff we go next door and use the facilities of the inside/outhouse.

We can only last so long before the black tank fills…and that is usually a month…

Yep, this time the black tank is so full, Jeff called me into the toilet room to look down the toilet ..In the fourteen years we have been full timing I have never seen the level this high. I am a bit concerned about getting to the dump station from here. One big bump and well….ugh.

There is a closure over the opening and I want to assume its tight enough to handle the sloshing down the road. I am not taking any chances and will plastic wrap the toilet and use lots of duct tape.

That should do it!

But enough of this Shee it..

We are frozen here for a bit longer…

The driver has a cold and needs a few more days of rest..I have been giving him Big Bubba cups of tea and honey and made a delicious chicken soup. 

This girl knows how to drive Homey but its not my cup of tea..So we wait..Full crapper and all.

This morning I took a walk around with Sicksta and the pup.

Frosty window shields..



Natures way of making beauty out a cold and wet.


Today I take some time to write a blog post…

I am still trying to get my mojo back. Its gone on a long vacation and I aim to find it, though I worry that its gone forever. 

This is how bad it is…

I was asked by Bill Thompson of Birdwatcher Digest if I would write an article for them in the next month or two on Birding by RV.  I should have jumped at the chance, any smart person would do that..but not me..mojo missing…or maybe the smarts.

Or is it just laziness?

Maybe all of the above.


So…before I sat down here in the warmth of Homey.

I look outside in the cold..

P1060086Trying to unfreeze my mojo..

looking for something to thaw in my frozen brain..

P1060084See the orange goldfish?..

Its waiting for a thaw also…


Ice heart..

Is that a sign?


Since we are here a bit longer I filled the feeders and put some fresh water in the frozen bird bath.


I put out my home made Bark Butter..

 P1060111and hung my home made seed ornaments..


I took a walk around the yard..past the old oak still hanging onto autumn..

Doesn’t it know what time of year it is?

P1060108I picked some of Sickstas rosemary and sage…

I might wrap it around the pork loin we are having for dinner.

 P1060109I then

followed the blue beaded walkway to the inside/outhouse..

 P1060099 then…it was

back to Homey..


and its Graffiti painted windows..

yeah…this time of year I call it Ghetto Homey

I draw a grid pattern on the windows to keep the birds from hitting them..


P1060095Back to my work station for the day…

finding bits and pieces of my lost mojo....


01a90c1697ab667b96d8a4117bb684ca5bfecd2cb3   I noticed my Orchid plant got its mojo back and I am thrilled..

See the new flower shoot?


Perhaps its not too late for me after all.


  1. Hugs your mojo just took a vacation. You will find it souther.

  2. I think you need to thaw out.

  3. Thanks Gaelyn..I sure did thaw I am melting... :))


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