Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!

Its been over two months since my last blog post!

Where do I even begin to fill in the gaps?

I left you two months ago with my before and after photos of my eyelid surgery.

All is going well, I still have visible scars, that will eventually go away. My eyes feel great and I still look like myself.

I am going to squeeze a few months into this blog post..

so…here goes!


Here I am on my Maine visit with Kathie Brown…we also visited with Robin Robinson…all friends via Facebook.


01c7c8e065dabde105c013714478791d421affadefRainbow seen with Kathie in Maine..

010508aa7de3ebfc2e097719fc818e263b465e781bWe gobbled up all the time we could get with our precious Granddaughter.


We said goodbye to fall…



01c4ac9c1eebf6eebf9d9cb31c6be13c69df7f22c6For cold and snow in November..



It was time to leave the cold northeast and head to warmer climes..

We stopped in Williamsburg, VA for a little history..




Then headed to NC to park in Sickstas side yard, where we had our second Autumn.

parked at sickstas 2014and some lovely sunsets..

01a37302036ea1baa505417c57b8bbc49726db7c7301ec060aed31bfa22cf94e2c7f2cbfb0ab6a89d8e4We had Thanksgiving at Sicktas home..

Jeff made a great turkey!

016febff952b4867203c54e66ffdeb492a3becddabI watched the birds….and was surprised that the numbers coming to my feeders were down considerably.

01f67f40afe70a6aa4fa2153f9172239e11b9adcdcWe raked and burned leaves…


P1060020I made Beef Bone broth for us…


and Peanut suet and seed balls for the birds…














It was time for another road trip..

This time without Homey.

010efc2098de7aaf081f5cdac5dc34bfeb97c68a3cJeff, Sicksta Dell and I packed up our Christmas and Hanukah gifts and headed up north to CT and MA to celebrate with family.

0192817430b38a4a767bd7b8ecbfc49f3ddbf42357Jeff and I joined Samarrah and her hubby for our first Hanukah celebration of the trip..

P1060048Then it was back to CT to celebrate Christmas with my family.

01c0b76d151bdaaba079ea2704c69358934bff12a5015c101962b7f18cdb29474926b9bd257e84ead038Back to Mass for another Hanukah party this time with Jeffs family..

I got a selfie stick in the grab and as you can see by the following photos…I had lots of fun with it.

01d3b46fce757f5de6aa6c02b0cb15171d43c2d05bJeff enjoying tea time with our Granddaughter.


Back to CT for Sister tattoos..


tattooA lovely heart tattoo designed by my niece Tara.

I got mine on my ankle..

sister tattoo

New Years Eve fun with my family and my new Selfie stick!





Selfie stick video…

Yeah, we, I am CRAZY!

It was a whirlwind two weeks up north…but it was time to go south again….it was getting too cold up north for us.


That darn Selfie stick..

012949b4fb3da9afab023d4a1611f469e138a161b0013d4212755b9cc08d46ba99eeb66e7e204b2ff40cWe stopped overnight in Williamsburg to show Sicksta around.


01e1f7598c9c842357dfa9a8c1b4547509a624e500And then…

headed back to our own beds in NC….


Home is where Homey is..


and here we are….in NC until the end of the week when we move our tires south to Florida for a few months…

See you all later!

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!


  1. Dawn, what fun we had! You are so nutty and I love you for it! Nice to read a new post with pretty photos and silliy stories! Wish I was going to FL with you! You got it of New England just in time!

  2. glad to here you are still out there...

  3. Kathie and heyduke50- I found a bit of mojo...more to come... I hope...and pray :))


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