Thursday, December 12, 2013

Candy canes and Polka dots~I ♥ this hike

One of our favorite hikes while staying with our friends in Las Vegas is in Calico basin.

Callico hike_003We just have to walk out the door..and go.

See Homey parked next to our friends home?

Left hand side of this photo…

Callico hike_008We walk up the main road through the valley..

Callico hike_013and toward the red rocks..

Callico hike_016Then we walk in the red rocks..

Callico hike_018A path of red..

Callico hike_021A few polka dot rocks start to appear..

Callico hike_022bright green and orange lichens cling to the red..

Callico hike_024This part of the hike is a climb..

Callico hike_025higher and higher..

Callico hike_026We start getting views of Calico basin and the few homes that are here in the beautiful area.

Callico hike_029I huff and I puff as we near the top of the hill..

Callico hike_032I stop to get my breath and look back on this stunning landscape.

Callico hike_035

Callico hike_037At the top we stop for a break..

Callico hike_038

We take in the scenery…

Callico hike_039But..the hike is not over yet..

Its time to go over the other side of the rocky hill..

Callico hike_043Into the land of Candy Cane

Callico hike_045

Striped rocks..

Callico hike_047We walk over and through them..

Callico hike_048Looking down I see Jeff and Mark ahead of us..

Callico hike_049We follow them..

Callico hike_050Scrambling through striped rock..

Callico hike_054to the wash below..

Callico hike_056Into the world of Polka dots and Candy Cane..

Callico hike_060

Callico hike_074I Love this hike..

Its a bit of bouldering and scrambling..

Callico hike_062Up and down over these rocky areas..

Callico hike_063A great work out for the upper and lower body..

Callico hike_065And …

A wonderful refresher for the soul..

Callico hike_067Its hard work and love in one delicious Candy cane polka dot package..

Callico hike_068This wash is surrounded by hills and it dark and chilly….

Callico hike_071We say hello as we pass this lovely lady in rock....

Callico hike_073We come out of the narrows..and the area opens..

Callico hike_075Views of Las Vegas..

I zoom in for this photo..

Callico hike_076A most fabulous hike!

Our hike ends with the faint calls of this..


Callico hike_080

and my heart is full…

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