Sunday, December 08, 2013

Where is Las Vegas?

You would never know that we are a short drive to downtown Las Vegas..

calico (15)Here we are in Calico basin..

calico (1)If we were to hike over the red rock hills to the west we would arrive at

Red Rock Canyon conservation area

calico (8)This is our first morning here..

I hop out of bed as the sun is rising and lighting up the red rock..

calico (5)Its beautiful and dramatic..

calico (6)While we are here we will hike in and around the red rocks..

calico (12)We haven't been here in four years and really look forward to getting out and exploring..

calico (19)The only problem is …its very cold here..these clouds brought us some hail..

And freezing temps..

Think I will stay inside until it warms up.

calico (20)

What's it like in your neck of the woods?


Because we are surrounded by hills and there are no cell towers in our area we have no Cell connection. We are using our friends Satellite internet which is extremely slow. I can only occasionally pick up a signal from Homey. We will go into town and hook up at a wifi cafe when we need a faster connection.

So..If you need to reach me..Leave a message at Nobbiecat at hotmail. com


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