Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Beachy keen Thanksgiving..

After a marathon of mushroom picking, Jeff and I decided to take Thanksgiving day off to rest relax and enjoy the beach.

Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon.

Harris Beach_013

We took a short walk to a bluff

Harris Beach_016Great views of the beach..

Harris Beach_018

Harris Beach_022We then walked back down the trail and headed for the beach.

I have to admit I did look for mushrooms..

but did not find any..

Harris Beach_028

I love these mammoth rocks jutting out of the ocean.

Harris Beach_031We first walked the beach north..until we came to a small area of water that we would need to cross.

Harris Beach_058A couple of young boys were building a log bridge so people could cross..

They told us that the bridge was not ready and needed to be secured bit more.

Harris Beach_065Jeff thought it looked good and decided to cross. I decided to listen to the young boys and not cross.

See what happened to the bridge…Jeff got a bit wet..

One of the young boys turned to me after Jeff crossed and said..

You were right..and he was wrong.

~out of the mouth of babes..

Harris Beach_066

Not being able to cross the deeper water Jeff looks for another crossing point.

I stay where I am until he crosses and we walk the beach heading south.

Harris Beach_070

Its a gorgeous beach..Harris Beach_077

I didn't find any shells on this beach..Harris Beach_079

We did find a mermaid resting in the sand..

Harris Beach_080

Harris Beach_083And a beached sandal..

I think a gull checked it out also!

Harris Beach_098

Harris Beach_093

Sea Gooseberry (Pleurobrachi bachei)

“The Sea Gooseberry is a type of comb jelly which belong to the phylum Ctenophora,” said Seaside Aquarium’s Tiffany Boothe. “Animals that belong to this phylum have one distinct feature: their ‘combs,’ or groups of cilia that they use for swimming.” 


Harris Beach_105

I took many photos here..

Harris Beach_107and believe it or not..

Harris Beach_110I weeded out over half of them..

Harris Beach_116Isn't it beautiful?

Harris Beach_113I see a happy face..

Do you see it?

Harris Beach_123

Keep scrolling..

Harris Beach_131Yeah..I loved the rocks and reflections..

Harris Beach_141So..I took a few more photos..

Harris Beach_136

Harris Beach_139

Black Oystercatchers… 

Harris Beach_151

Harris Beach_156

We crossed a driftwood area to access another part of the beach..

Harris Beach_160The tide was starting to come in..

Harris Beach_173

Harris Beach_175


Harris Beach_176

I think this may be a Moon Jelly

Harris Beach_183

I love how it captured the light..

Harris Beach_186

Memories Of The Beach

We went to the beach to get wind in our hair
to stand on the sand and simply to stare.
To let the surf tickle toes and dampen our clothes
as we played 'run away'
from the wavelets at play.

Harris Beach_191

Harris Beach_235

We went to the beach to climb on the rocks
find cool shallow pools where we'd take of our socks,
and peer in the waters to see what we might find
that the waves of the sea,
had last left behind.


Harris Beach_193

Harris Beach_312

We went to the beach to find coloured shells
the kind that when placed to our ears
make the sound of the ocean appear,
and gathered rocks that we never would find
in the places we walked,
for most of the time.

Harris Beach_238

Harris Beach_313

Harris Beach_207

Harris Beach_309

We went to the beach and all that, we did find
and the smell of the salt refreshed our tired minds.
I'll never forget the laughter and sounds
and the freedom to run,
on that wet sandy ground.


Harris Beach_208

Harris Beach_281

We went to the beach my family and I
and there we were one,
with the ocean, the beach, and the sky.

David Taylor


Harris Beach_247

Harris Beach_272

It was getting close to sunset so we made our way back to Homey for some appetizers and then would head back to get a few sunset views at the overlook.

Harris Beach_314We passed a turkey on our way ..

Harris Beach_320And then the perfect ending to a perfect day..

Harris Beach_333

Harris Beach_329We will miss our front row seat of this little piece of paradise ….

Harris Beach_345

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