Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is bugging me…whats what? …

While visiting Mom and Dad in Connecticut this weekend I photographed this bug below and the skippers that were around the garden.

I am bugged..What are these?

I believe this is a type of Leaf-footed Bug

Thanks LuLu!!

flowers and bugs_001It didn't stink..

flowers and bugs_003There were skippers all over the Zinnias..

Silver-spotted Skipper and what I think are two Sachem skippers..

flowers and bugs_011

Silver-spotted skipper

This I am sure of..

flowers and bugs_018

The others below confuse me..

They are a bit similar…

What type of skipper is this?

Very streaky..

flowers and bugs_027I am thinking this trio are all Sachem

flowers and bugs_035Sachem?

These all vary a bit..

flowers and bugs_069


flowers and bugs_038A few days later I photographed this skipper..

Is this also a Sachem?

flowers and bugs_076This girl is confused…

What's new?

flowers and bugs_083

I know there are different types of Bumble Bees

Is this an American Bumble Bee?

flowers and bugs_086

This is the beach..

With people and rocks and chairs, blankets, sand and water.

I know a few things..

Stick around..you might learn too Winking smile

flowers and bugs_075

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