Friday, July 05, 2013

Celebrating Births..

I hope you all had a happy Fourth of July..

  The Birth of a Nation

Jeff took these photos on the 4th as we took our morning walk.


Lexington, Ma.

Emma_002The streets were pretty empty..


speaking about births..

We are so very happy to announce the birth of our Granddaughter


She is adorable and we are in Love!

Our daughter is very private and does not want photos of her baby on facebook or the internet… Considering the crazies out there I can understand.


I will show you this one..

and unless I get permission this one is all you will see.

Here is the happy Grandmother and Emma.

Emma Rebecca_035

My Sickstas and many of my friends have seen the photos privately of Emma with the same pink flower below and also a photo of Emma's Dad with the pink flower.

They all think she looks like my hubby.

So, if I cant put up photos of Emma..

How about this?

hee hee


Happy Summer!

Stay Cool!

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