Friday, July 12, 2013

Head in the clouds….New Hampshire

Here we are..

In New Hampshire with our daughter, son-in-law and our new Granddaughter.

We came to help out the new family….

Emma NH_006I was hoping it would be cooler here than in Massachusetts and it is.

Emma NH_007In between helping with Emma and making a few meals..

I sit on the porch and look at this green..

GREENI walk around the yard and look to see what is around..

I have not Identified this critter yet..

Emma NH_020Edible berries in the back yard..

I tasted them and they are delicious.

Emma NH_024Queen Anne's Lace blooming..

Emma NH_029There is a field of vetch in front of the green pond..lots of bees and a few butterflies here…

Emma NH_037I have not identified this either..

Emma NH_043

I will look later..I have been busy being a Grandmother and haven't taken as much time to post here on my blog or Identify the bugs I am seeing…so any help is appreciated.


Emma NH_059Purple flowering Raspberry 

Emma NH_062In the front yard on the side of the steps I found this fellow..

Emma NH_064Emma NH_065Sorry..

no ID on this either..

Emma NH_066You see..

I have my head in the clouds lately…

Emma NH_070

I am a Grandma…

Grandma and Emma

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