Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tern Island~Birds and Clams

Howdee all,

While visiting Chatham, I always love a trip or two to Tern Island at low tide for some birding.

A short Kayak ride to the flats…

tern island birding_100

I don’t have a clamming license so I couldn’t clam..

Others were busy clamming.. 

tern island birding_102

Jeff and I went birding hunting..

tern island birding_101

Have a look at a few of the birds we saw…

tern island birding_098

Plenty of Black-bellied Plover were around

tern island birding_093

Semipalmated Sandpiper

tern island birding_082Semipalmated Plover

tern island birding_069

More of the Semi fellers

tern island birding_039

View to North Beach

Gull Zone with a fly over Corm.

tern island birding_058

Gulls in  layers

with some shorebirds here and there…

and seal basking in the sun..See them?

tern island birding_047

Gull in the shallows

tern island birding_046

Short billed Dowitcher

tern island birding_038

Piping Plover and Semipalmated Plover

tern island birding_035


tern island birding_028

tern island birding_023

A nice birding afternoon..

tern island birding_062

While our family was slaving away..

tern island birding_018Digging for dinner

tern island birding_013Yumm

tern island birding_016

tern island birding_007

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