Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby got Blues!

Howdee all,

Yesterday the fellas decided it would be nice to go fishing..

So we packed lunch and headed to Hardings Beach in Chatham.

We stopped when we saw two other fisherman hauling in fish.

  fish boil_007

Our fellas set up their poles and started to fish in the same area.

They weren't having any luck and the other fisherman moved on.

We were talking about leaving and heading closer to the lighthouse..


fish boil_018

Behind them the water began to dance..

I yelled for everyone to look..

it was bubbling with fish! ..

A fish boil..

Jeff and Sandy ran to the boil.

fish boil_020They fished …

Two hours of up and down the beach chasing the boils..

fish boil_026

Check out these amazing boils on video!

Sandy's catch

fish boil_030

Jeff continues to fish while Margie photographs Sandy's catch

fish boil_032That glistening water on the left is the boil

fish boil_033

Boys and their Bluefish

fish boil_042It was an awesome day!

fish boil_038

Blue fish pate tomorrow!

fish boil_047

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