Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here we are….

Howdee all,

Here we are…

cape cod_004At the beach..

cape cod_006

Lighthouse Beach, Chatham, Ma.

cape cod_007

Yesterday we walked the beach with family and friends..

cape cod_008

cape cod_010

Jeff and I left the ocean side to check the bay for birds…

cape cod_012

There were lots of horseshoe crap carcasses..

cape cod_013

Jeff scanning for birds

cape cod_014

Other than a few Black-bellied Plover and Willet…

We just saw Gulls, Herring, Laughing and Black-backed

cape cod_023

It was a nice mucky walk in the flats

cape cod_027Herring Gull with Scallop..

cape cod_029

We plan on being in this area for most of September..

cape cod_032

Before heading to CT again

cape cod_031

Great Black-backed Gull

cape cod_035

Enough of this blogging…time to go for a bird walk.. :)

Herring Gull…

cape cod_033

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