Sunday, September 09, 2012

Veggie Wedding Fun

Howdee all,

Before I show you some lovely photos of our daughter, Samarrah and her Jeff together.

I want to show you a few my Niece Tara and Sicksta Lori took.
The theme of the wedding had much to do with herbs and veggies.
Tara and Sicksta went with the theme..and this is what happened? :)

Sicksta Lori

The onions that they are holding were what the flower girl held instead of flowers. :)
I will leave you with the rest of the photos.
Niece Tara

Brother-in law Attiillio

Nephew Ati

Mom of the Bride :)

Father of the Bride

Sicksta Tammy

Sicksta Lori with Samarrah's Jeff's Brother-
Pogo Dave
Google him

Nephew Patricks Girlfriend Nidya

Benjamin and his grandpa Steve

Nephew Patrick

My Dad

Nephew Daniel

The Groom

Sicksta Tammy's hubby Joe

Nephew David with brother Dan in background

Daniel again

Nephew Jon and his wife Lucie

Jeff's brother Rick

My Jeff's brother Rick and His wife Gail

Still my favorite photo
The lovely Bride

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