Friday, July 29, 2011

Cranberry Islands~Great Cranberry

Howdee all

While in Maine we took a boat to two of the Cranberry Islands.

We took the ferry boat from

Acadia National Park_093

Southwest Harbor

Acadia National Park_097It was a beautiful clear morning..Acadia National Park_083The water was like glass…Acadia National Park_084The first Island we went to was

Great Cranberry

Nestled just 30 minutes by ferry southeast of Mount Desert Island, with superb views of the mountains of Acadia National Park, the five Cranberry Isles host a year-round community of lobstermen, boatbuilders, and craftsmen, as well as numerous rusticators who’ve been returning each summer for years, if not generations.

Acadia National Park_103

Great Cranberyy Island

Great Cranberry Island, the largest of the Cranberry Isles, has a truly commanding and spectacular view of Mount Desert Island and the mountains of Acadia National Park in Maine. Located near the southern entrance to Somes Sound, you can view Manset, Southwest Harbor and Somes Sound to the northeast from the public pier. Sutton Island and Northeast Harbor are to the north. Little Cranberry Island and Islesford are to the east. via


Acadia National Park_10545 or so year round residents

Acadia National Park_107


Acadia National Park_111

Fixer upper

Acadia National Park_116  Must have been lovely

Acadia National Park_117Rosa Rugosa

Acadia National Park_119Acadia National Park_120Homes with views of Acadia and pastures

Acadia National Park_121My favorite home on the Island

Acadia National Park_122This one had a great view

Acadia National Park_125This was growing on the roadsides~don’t know what it is but it had a lovely pink color

Acadia National Park_129

More views of Acadia

Acadia National Park_133This home looks Idyllic

Acadia National Park_134Field of fern

Acadia National Park_137Low tide..Acadia National Park_138

The darn artifact in my camera is bugging me…see it top middle..

Time to return the camera again..

Acadia National Park_140

Flowers planted near the Museum and Café

Acadia National Park_143

stay tuned for Little Cranberry Island


  1. Hi Dawn..Maine looks lovely through your eyes..thinking of a jaunt there next summer..

  2. Lovely images Dawn especially the Lupines. That problem with the dust in your camera. Is it your Canon or Panasonic. Looks a bit terminal to me.

  3. Second only to the NC mountains, the coast of Maine is such a beatiful area.

  4. Beautiful photo series Dawn! We made the trip there two years ago and have been wanting to go back.

    BTW, looks like you may have a dust bunny on your sensor or mirror.

  5. GREAT photos... I had a camera that did that once and it was horrible... Someone told me it was a damaged pixel cell but the dust sounds like somethinh that can maybe be taken care of.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Looks like a nice quiet easy-going place. Thanks for the tour!

  7. What a beautiful place!
    I love that abandoned (?) house. Wouldn't mind living there :)

    I can relate to your artifact issue, have one on my cam (spot on the mirror?), but no decent shops here (a friend warned me that they cleaned his mirror on the DSLR with a cloth - ugh!)

  8. Dawn, great series of photos. The Cranberry Islands look like a pretty place to tour. Love the lupines and the scenic views are lovely.

  9. @Cindy
    Cindy~you wont regret any visit to Maine. If we stay in the East next summer we will go again.

    Thanks Roy. I sent the camera back to be fixed...thank goodness I bought the insurance policy.
    yes NC mountains are awesome too!

    @MaineBirder said...
    Time for you to get back there~I suggest going in the Autumn..October is beautiful there.
    Sent my camera back for repair..I have cost to me. Hope they send a new one.

    Thanks~the camera went back for repair.

    Thanks Dan!

    Its a very relaxing place as long as you stay away from Bar Harbor..

    Very cool abandoned house wasn't it? I wouldn't mind living there some day too.
    Hope you get your camera issue cleaned up..I sent mine back for repair.

    eileeninmd .
    Its a great place! I am sure you would find some birdies here too. :)


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