Thursday, July 28, 2011

Postcard from Acadia National Park

Howdee all,

A Picture Postcard

Acadia National Park_022

from the Rocky shores of Acadia National Park..

Acadia National Park_029 The scenic vistas Acadia National Park_044

Acadia National Park_047Are around every corner…Acadia National Park_051

We had a fabulous week…

Acadia National Park_060

More photos to come..

We are now back in Ct after a few weeks spent hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire..will be in CT for a few weeks before heading to Cape Cod


  1. No pics of Thunder Hole? :) Bah Hahbah is wonderful. Glad you had fun.

  2. looked like a wonderful time!

  3. such a great spot, hope the summer up there is relaxing for both of you.


  4. Dawn, I am still posting shots from our visit too! What a great place! I am off to upstate NY this weekend and then possibly down to KY to see my son return from the war. I can't wait to hug him! What a summer we have both had! Perhaps we will finally be able to see each other sometime soon!

    BTW, another blogger named Grammie G just lost her kitty this past week and I thought of you. I don't know if you know her but I sure think you both have something in common. She is a new visitor to my blog. I hope your heart is healing.

  5. We love Arcadia and as always you captured it beautifully in your photos!!!
    Have fun

  6. Beautiful images of gorgeous scenes! Looks like a fabulous place to visit. Wonderful post!

  7. Wow! That looks awesome! I remember reading that Acadia is considered one of the 10 best natural national parks in America-or something like that.I've visited a lot of northern and western Maine but never there.-That is on my list of doable places to visit.

  8. Great photos of Acadia. It is a pretty park to visit. Love the views.

  9. The rocks are an incredible sight. Well, a bit paler in color than those I see on Sedona hikes. But none the less breathtaking. Rocks and the ocean--beautiful. :)

  10. Anonymous
    No thunder hole wasnt thundering when we went by..and its always so crowded there...we try to stay away from the busy places for the most part.

    It was a great time..very might even like it there...hee hee

    Thanks far the summer has been relaxing.

    So Happy your Son is home safe and sound. We didnt stay in Acadia Long enough this year...maybe next year we will stay a month.
    I dont know Grammie..but I certainly can relate to losing a pet..very difficult for sure. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Thanks Donna...its a gorgeous place!

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie..its a fabulous place~put it on your must see list!

    Larry~it really is beautiful~best seen when the summer crowds are gone. Our favorite time is in the fall.

    Thanks Eileen...we love it there.

    Yes, the rocks are very different from what you have. You certainly live in a gorgeous area too!


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