Friday, April 04, 2008

In Honor of our dear Friend....Patti Masuda

Howdy all,
We received very sad news yesterday.

As most of you know we have friends we have met Rving...and you have heard me blog about and you have seen pictures of our friends Geno and Patti Masuda.
Geno informed us yesterday that Patti passed away in the morning. Either a stroke or heart attact. So she did not suffer, thank goodness. She had cold or flu symptoms for a few days prior was this was most tragic. She had been caring for her mother who had just received a hip replacement.

Patti would have been 60 years old this year and Geno and Patti would have celebrated thier 40th wedding anniversary.
Our hearts go out to Geno, his world will be so different without her.

Patti was such a sweet, wonderful person...we loved her dearly....
She loved Birding, Wildflowers ..she was a computer wiz and she was excellent at Identification of birds and flowers... and a wealth of knowledge.....

We met Patti and Geno when we started our full time Motorhome travels....we were staying at Catalina state park in Arizona....we went on a Friday morning birding walk ..they were there .. ...and we were sucked into the birding world by their enthusiasm...We have been friends and travel mates ever since. They showed us around the birding hotspots in the south west and California.....and turned us on to some wonderful places.

So I have been working on this all morning into the afternoon with buckets and buckets of tears...and as i type this they keep flowing....


  1. That is very very sad news. I so enjoyed all the photos you have posted of your fun times with patti and Geno.

  2. Beautiful tribute to Patti. My deepest sympathy, Geno.

    Jeff Fine's Mother, Esther Fine

    When I opened up your blog last night I was blown away by your Tribute to Patti!
    I am struck beyond belief by your what you just did.
    Patti is channeling you thru me and she says is so proud to be so honored.
    For all of Dawn and Jeff's family and friends who we have not met personally. We fell in love with these two beautiful people the very first time we met them at Catalina SP and that evening dining at the Chinese Restaurant where we shared our lives and dreams over moshu pork.
    We knew instantly these were very special people who we created a bond with for the rest of our lives. We always looked forward to rendzvousing with them every time on the road. We became travelling soul mates ever since.
    You know Dawn, I thought I would have difficulty sleeping last night but you created some magic potion that made inner peace and slept soundly w/o the use of drugs.
    I deeply thank you for creating this magic potion. I think I can move forward now with my life and heal faster with what you just created.
    OBTW, Patti gives you an A+ for this project. No kidding!!
    I love you and Jeff more than you can imagine.
    Thank you for making my day.

  4. Condolences Geno, Dawn and Jeff spoke of you and Patti often when they were home for the summer. The wonderful things that you did together and what they learned from you and Patti. I have looked often at your fantastic photography that Patti had posted through the years. We travel little but I have been able to see so much in your wonderful pictures and of course Dawn's travelogue and Jeff's and Dawn's pictures. Our best to you at this time. Dawn's parents John & Lorraine

  5. This is a great tribute to our Aunt Patti and it is apparent that Uncle Gene values it beyond words.

    We are all heart broken and stunned. Sweet Patti's spirit and easy going personality lives on. This pictorial tribute captures her well and the great times Gene and she had. We are thankful she was part of the Masuda family.

    Hugs, go out to you Gene. We will see you soon.

    Our love always,

    Tod, Lu, Tiana and Talia

  6. This was one of the most beautiful tributes we have seen to a true angel in our eyes. Your last picture of Patti with her angel wings was perfect and so embellished how we've always felt about her.
    Gene and Patti have been true mentors of ours and was such an influence in our love of RV'ing. We will miss all her wonderful stories and recommendations that she so eagerly gave us in all our travels and she will continue to be in our hearts and souls throughout.
    Thank you Dawn for your beautiful tribute of an equally beautiful soul that we will all miss.

    John and Arlene Nyikes

  7. What a beautiful tribute. We are so sorry for your loss. I love the picture of Patty with her Angel wings.

  8. what heartbreaking news... how very sad you must be... understandably... you did a great job posting these pics of your friend... i'm sure she is smiling knowing how much she meant to you! xo

  9. Lovely tribute.
    You honor her perfectly.
    Thank you for the glimpse.



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