Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Around the Garden and Nobbies Urn

Howdy all,

I took the above picture for you to see wanted to see Mr. Nobbies is a nice marble urn...i attached his collar a chicken wishbone, a few feathers and a clump of nobbies fur....
You can see the nice rock cairn that Patti made.

Today I did what i have been doing around here lately and that is working around the garden.
So i took a video...its rather long so i had to make four videos....and it may be boring...but ha...just don't watch them all...
I figured Adele would love to see what her pups are up to during the day...
And although it looks like i just sat and looked at birds most of the day....I did actually do some work..ha.


  1. I loved loved loved the videos. What fun seeing my gardens through my sister's eyes. Really enjoyed all the birding knowledge given and the sound track provided by the various birds. The pups were great and I am glad to see that you have taken LOTS and LOTS of time to relax and enjoy the gardens teehee. That is what I made them for. Don't think I don't appreciate everything you have done. Your effort is appreciated but the best thing I get out of it is to have sweet little pieces of you left after you and Jeff are on your way. When I look at all of your work I will think of you and say to myself "that biiii ach thinks she knows where everything belongs" (insert LOUD, maniacle laugh).

  2. Hi Dawn:
    Thanks for the garden tour. My, what a beautiful piece of property Adele has in the country. I see why you spend so much time there w/ a nice spot for Homey and all your feeders.
    Maybe some day you can upgrade the video cam so you can zoom in on the boids. I can hear 'em but can't see 'em.
    Nice to see Jeff w/ binos around his neck. It was good to see you guys in action and felt like I was there w/ you.
    Thanks for taking me on the tour and have a safe trip on your northbound tour.
    See ya',

  3. I finally got through all four videos. They are really nice. I see lots of hard work there. That Jackie boy is such a sweetheart, he still loves chasing the ball. Well you really dig with a mean shovel, did your arm hurt after all that? I heard quite a few cars or trucks going by plus an airplane. It was all most enjoyable. Love mom


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