Sunday, February 03, 2008


Superbowl Sunday,

We are in tucson and will watch the game with a few other couples at steve and lenas.

I am not a big football fan...well, I hardly watch the game at all, unless its this time of year and Jeff is watching the game.
Jeff is making squares for us all to bet on the game, and he says he is wearing his LUCKY underwear. He will also have his LUCKY rice crackers on hand. One shape for defense, one shape for offence...etc etc...
I will watch the game and hope to win some money....
Check out the cute butts....and I guess get into the game as best as I can.

So that said...whats Cooking?? what will you be eating today?

We are having a very early dinner, so we devote all our time and energy to the game.
So at two thirty our time we will have
Stuffed shells, green beans and Salad.
Desert will be a Superbowl Sundae. Vanilla icecream and choice of caramel, hot fudge, nuts and whip cream.
And all the normal snacky foods...chips, salsa, hummus, cheese, crackers.

Its going to be a high calorie day...
might have a beer or some wine.

What are you doing? What are you eating?
A you watching the game?
Who are you routing for?
Do You even care?

pass the chips....


  1. We are invited over to Pete and Roxannes new townhouse to watch the game. I really don't know who I am rooting for. I always root for the Giants when they are playing, and I root for the Patriots when they are playing. Now that they are playing against each other, I am torn. We are situated in the middle between the home state of each team. I would love for the Giants to win, so my son, a die hard Giants fan, will be ecstatic.
    I would also like to see the Patriots (John is a die hard Patriots fan) make a record for a winning streak.
    I'm not really into watching football either, so I will enjoy the commercials and half time entertainment (I hope) Maybe Apple will air the commercial for the new MacBook Air.
    Anyway, enjoy your day and don't eat too much!

  2. I will watch a movie. After the game I will watch the advertisements on my computer. And I will not gain any weight, cause I have no snacks.....

  3. I will probably watch a movie with anonymous and then the commercials after and rate them. I bought some scallops wrapped in bacon on sale and might eat them or I might not. I don't care who wins but I will probably watch the end and I will be happy for whoever does win. Don't tell Jeffie I said that. P.S. Jackie boy is routing for the Patriots. He is such a suck up.


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