Monday, February 11, 2008

Tucson Gem Show

Howdee all,

Today we went to the Gem show, well we only went to a few tents of gems.
The Gem show is huge....all over Tucson, tents tents and more tents of gems, rocks, sculpture, jewlery etc....
Lena wants to make a few necklaces and it will also be good therapy for her right hand.
It was great fun looking at all the gems.
The show goes on for most of the month so we plan on going back several times.
So far I havent purchased anything.
Lena found most of the gems for her necklaces.


  1. Wow! I saw lots of stuff I would like to have. Especially the clear sparkle y stones.

  2. why can't i figure out how to do that with my videos.. am i stupid or something? i love how you put the newspaper headlines...

    gorgeous gems.. they make me smile!


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