Friday, February 01, 2008

Help..cant see my blog in firefox and do I have to many slide shows??

Howdy all,
I went on my blog this am and could not see in with firefox...I can see it in explorer, Jeff can see it using his computer and firefox...but i could not..
I was able to see others blogs with my firefox...but not my own...
any ideas out there?????
I try to load the page and firefox and it says done at the bottom...but nothing but white loads up on the page....HELP
I am using internet explorer to edit my blog....well at least I can see it and edit it in explorer. now sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for lena to finish her therapy appt.
OK...Do I have too many slide shows?? I have just been playing around with they make the page load to slowly.. which ones do you like?
which ones do u not like?
I am waiting......

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