Monday, February 18, 2008

Glass and Gems

Howdy all,

After reading my blog about the Tucson Gem show...Mom, Adele and Tammy wanted me too pick up some jewels for them....
Mom and Adele wanted the 2 dollar glass pendants...20 dollars worth each.
Tammy makes jewelry so she requested 40 dollars of beads.
The links below go to your gems...
Sorry the gem show is now no more requests...

Moms Glass Pendants

Tammys Beads

Adeles Glass


  1. Lovely jewels! Some may make great earrings.....

    I'm using WordPress for Geno's blog, and that calendar is a built-in widget. There might be a 3rd-party plugin for Blogger.

    Re email notice for blog updates, I need to do a plugin, maybe feedburner or similar.

    Thanks for adding us to your links!

  2. Oh I just love everything, absolutely gorgeous. You did an excellent job picking out the pieces. Love Chicky

  3. Nob
    I love them. I think if chicky wants me to make her something she will have to share some of those pendants. hee hee.. I love dels stuff.. If you go again I would love some of the cool stuff you got her as well. I can't wait to make some jewelry with you. I will look into some more classes..

  4. I love them all. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for picking them up for us.

  5. G'morning,

    Wow, you sure wake up early! We are still crack-of-nooners. Your calendar looks good! And your new background and colors are wild and awesome.

    Yup, the header photos are Geno's and will change from time to time.

    Hope to make it to the Tucson Gem Show one of these years. Kay Lee and I go to the Gem Faires twice a year, but they are probably 10% of the size of the Tucson shows.

  6. see, if i was more on the ball, i could have had you pick some up for me too.. oh well, no biggie..but they sure are gorgeous... lovely!


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