Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Light Show

Monday evening, Jeff, Craig, Adele and I went to this Light Show in Carthage.

The fellow took six weeks to set this up. It is his passion which he also makes a business out of.
check out his website click on the highlighted link below.

I could have stayed for hours...but it was a chilly night and our toes were getting cold...not to mention the Patriots were playing...maybe we will take another ride over and enjoy the show.

December 1 - January 5
DREAMS OF ENCHANTMENT - 2007 HOLIDAY LIGHT SHOW SPECTACULAR. Fri. & Sat. 6-11pm; Sun. through Thurs. 6-9:30pm. Children of all ages will be delighted by the excitement and energy of a winter wonderland of magnificent lights of brilliant colors choreographed to a tremendously uplifting musical score. This is a walk-thru event. The show is free and is located at 158 Palomino Road in Carolina Equestrian Village in Carthage, North Carolina. Check the web site,, for directions and cancellations due to weather. For more information contact (845)642-9060.


  1. Oh, I wish we had a light show like that around here. You are lucky to be close enough to enjoy the festivities. Love Chicky

  2. That was fun. Lets do it again next week, temps are supposed to be in the 70s all week.

  3. stop bragging about the weather adele! ha ha


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