Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love my new pjs

Ok...I am not normally a animal print lover....and i wouldn't have chosen these if they weren't sooooo soft....but they are sooooo soft and comfortable that i bought two pair and thinking i should run out and get a third. They are micro fleece. There were different colors and patterns..but this was the only one in brown.
I bought these at Walmart for 12.86 a pair...and are made in china...oh well....
I would wear these all day if I could.


  1. Oh, I want a pair too. Tara bought me a fleece PJ set last year from Walmart and I can't seem to take it off either. They are warm and soft

  2. Well they are cool you will look like a little panther. Don't bite the kitties. Love Chicky

  3. yes PLEASE buy another pair or you will end up with holes in strange places.


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