Sunday, December 02, 2007

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Howdy all,

Here are a few pics of The Carolina resort at Pinehurst....set up for Christmas
Below is a video of The Christmas tree lighting in Southern Pines.
Tonight we are going to a candle lighting in Cameron.
Tuesday is the World Famous Christmas Parade in Carthage.
Thursday Pinehurst has its Christmas festivities and tree lighting.
Saturday there is the Horse Carriage Parade in Southern Pines.
Fun fun fun


  1. Have a great time with C and D! We have our famous light parade this coming Sunday.

  2. Notice Lor said "famous" and not "world famous". Teehee. Where did you get all the cool effects. You been holding out on me.

  3. Really nice Nob I am jealous! Chicky

  4. wow - looks like they go all out for the holidays huh? sounds like you've got a great line up of events coming up.. wish i was there... boo hooo!

  5. and what effects is adele talking about? i want to know.. i'm nosey..


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