Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Left the Big Apple ...heading south

Sams Condo...before.....

Howdy all,

Just left the Big Apple....had a nice time sprucing up Sam's condo. We Painted, added curtains and the bench with basket storage. jeff installed a new lock for the door. Check out the before and after pictures.
As much as I don't care for the smoggy, crazy, pushy, shovey, city...I love some things about it. Great food,yummm...cant find good veggie restaurants like the ones here....and so many to choose from. Samarrah knows the best veggie places. and some great non veggie. Check out a few of the menus of the restaurants we went to. Great to walk out the door and have so many restaurants to choose from.
Mana great veggie food
Noodle Pudding wonderful Italian...few blocks from Sam
Pinkberry very different icecream alternative....healthier and tastey

We are headed south, where the pace of life slows wayyyyyyyyyyy down and people are real friendly, and the weather is nice and warm.

Its amazing how long the fall foliage has clung to the trees this year. We are now traveling just south of New Jersey and the colors are still beautiful.


  1. Great job. You guys must be pooped.

  2. looks good... how many rooms? Char

  3. Her condo is a studio...so the room you saw plus small kitchen and space off that room that has her desk and kitchen table

  4. Amazing designing of this place. Really love the interior designs.
    Maybe I can use this on my new house too.

    Deirdre G


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