Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving In Pinehurst, NC

Jeff and I are in North Carolina visiting my sister and her husband and fur animals....Adele, Jeff and I went out for Thanksgiving lunch at the 1895 Grille at Pinehurst.... Craig was working there and wasn't able to eat with us...but he came over to the table a few times to say hello.

Since we were going to cook a turkey later in the day we decided to order Fillet, and Striped Bass. Everything was very yummy and we left stuffed Turkeys.....

We had a nice walk around Pinehurst and then home again to cook Mr. tom.....
Jeff made a marinade which he then injected into the turkey. 4 hours later the temperature was finally right and the button popped was kinda dry...but still tastes good.

Jeffy and I did a little black Friday shopping a few bargains.

We had the turkey dinner today...yumm....we had mashed turnip, green beans, baked sweet potato, sausage stuffing from new york, and of course turkey and gravy.

Tomorrow we will go to the Open house at the nursery where Adele works.
Lots of Christmas tree lightings, parades and festivals the next few weeks here....I look forward to going to all the festivities.

that was our delicious Thanksgiving lunch......


  1. Wow! That looked like a real yummy meal. I am tres jealous.... Chicky

  2. Hey why is the video no longer available? :( Love the food pictures.. Yummy!

  3. looks like a pretty high class place you went to... and looks extra yummy too! now i'm hungry!


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