Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ideas for Decorating with shells or sea stones


I thought i would post these things i came across lately for all you Crafty people out there...and for my family who I recently gave rocks and shells, that I have collected.

Click on the above picture and you will see the website....Lots of ideas for smooth sea rocks....and if you dont want to make these things you can buy them.

I did a short video clip of the rock hooks I saw and a sea shell wreath..

I thought the rocks would look good in loris computer/tv room...where she has the curtain draped over the entry to the dining could use the rock hooks to drape the curtain over.

Ok also you might want to check out this blog I found recently....called the fashionist.
fun fashions from the streets of san francisco.......


  1. I sort of like the wreath. I am not sure. I sure did like listening to you and tink though. I would have liked to have been there to utter comments also. And maybe tease mudder and giggle. That would have been fun ....yeh.

  2. Well that was certainly cute. Some great ideas for rocks and shells. Love Chicky

  3. Hi from MorroRocky...oh, guess that should be MorroRocki! That was a fun video and a nice Web site. Really liked the Fashionist blog, too. Looks like you're having a great time back on the east coast!


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