Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ok Ok they are.....You asked for get it....better late than never...


these are my four new i see pinks and purples? All the tops are INC brand...they sell them at macys and other stores like that... they were all but one....75% about 20 dollars each.
Well there is some brown in there somewhere....the last top is the one i will wear to temple....with the pants that are being you cant see those....
next blog will have the ...etc....


  1. love love love the tops, I think the pink toned colors will bring out your complexion and the gold toned one is awesome

  2. Well, well! You have really gone on a splurge. Cant wait to see you in these in person. love chicky

  3. The tops are beautiful. I have some that are very similar.

  4. Hmmm, pink and purple..... Love the new look, but we need photos of you actually WEARING these tops before we believe it! Glad to see you found a beautiful brown gown, too!


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