Friday, May 04, 2007

Liberty Harbor rv park and Sams condo

Above is a map of Sams new neighborhood...she lives in Brooklyn Heights not far from the Brooklyn bridge and the harbor. We visited for a few days, staying at the RV park in new jersey, which is only 7 miles from Sam in Brooklyn, so...6 dollars to go thru the Holland tunnel a day and 60 for the RV park...and of course trying all the yummy restaurants around sams home and in the city....well, it is the most expensive place we stay while traveling....but considering we are staying so close to the city, have a great view from the Homey it is a bargain. And of course we have a great location for visiting Samarrah. We had a wonderful time with her, checking out her new home and neighbor hood....and we worked quite hard painting and shopping trying to make her condo look nice and organized....more needs to be done.

We are now in Ct. and will be here another week before heading to mass.


  1. I had a comment to leave but then I forgot to leave it and after that I forgot what the comment was and then forgot again to leave it until you reminded me to leave one. I still don't remember what it was and I gave myself a headache looking back and forth with my eyes and now I have an eye twitch.

  2. Sam should be able to clean her condo in a wink. There certainly is something to be said for these small places. No room to collect a lot of garbage. Great idea! Chicky

  3. Thanks for sharing the map, but I can't watch the video.

    Paula M

  4. Thanks fro sharing the map so that we can find the place easily.



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