Thursday, April 05, 2007

South fork of Cave Creek to Horseshoe Pass Hike, Portal, Arizona

This was another nice day hike. It started at the South Fork Picnic area and started very flat, following a creek for about a mile and a half before we started our climb. The hike was 4.8 miles one way, with an elevation gain of 2,395 feet. This was the easiest of the three hikes we did with Geno...or maybe we were getting back into shape.
I hope Jeff and I can continue to hike as we travel back east. Anyone up for a hike when we get back there?

Below are the pictures from our Portal trip.



  1. Another nice hike, pretty long too. You forgot to show us what you had for lunch.

  2. I do read the blog from time to time when I wonder where you are now.
    Jim & Pat

  3. Yes, nice long hike, the background music was excellent, as it did not cover you speaking. chicky


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