Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Greenhouse trail to Winn Falls Overlook, Portal, Arizona

This was another great hike. It was a 7.5 mile round trip.... 1500 feet elevation gain. We hiked to Winn Falls overlook.... a 400 foot falls. Some of the hike was thru a burn area....allot of walking over downed, charcoal trees....My pants were real dirty after this hike with the charcoal and pine sap....



  1. Very nice hike. Loved seeing your lunches...ha
    I need to see a still of the yellow flower in order to ID it, but here is a site for yellow Arizona wildflowers.

  2. Very Good! Great that you finally found the correct trail. The lunches looked good. Jeffy certainly did not gain weight with his. Chicky

  3. Very well done. Loved both parts. I have reached a tentative conclusion that the lovely yellow flowering bush is indeed a lovely yellow flowering bush. me want one. Very cool tune in part 2...I was groovin for sure. I understood it. They were singing about mommy somthing. I think they were telling their mommy something. Or something like that.


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