Monday, April 02, 2007

Armchair birding

This was a nice day of Armchair birding. Cave creek Ranch was our first stop for armchair birding. What a great set up they had nice areas to sit..... many different types of feeders, feed, water features. It was a pleasure to watch the birds by armchair and rest my weary toes from the previous days 9 mile hike.

We then had lunch and walked a bit up south fork looking for birds. After that we stopped by the
Southwest research station . and shopped the book store.
George Walker House was another stop for armchair birding and a nice nap for Jeff.
A fun filled birding day....Easy Arm chair birding.


  1. What a nice respite from your last days hiking. Looks like it was very enjoyable.

  2. Now that is definitely my kind of birding. A nice armchair, and tons of bird feeders. What a life! Chicky

  3. Okay I don't know about the rest of you but the butt picture was my favorite. Adele


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