Sunday, April 01, 2007

Silver Peak Hike, Portal, Arizona


We are now in Portal, Arizona. We actually are staying outside of Portal at Rusty's RV Ranch in Rodeo, New Mexico. We are here with Geno and Patti, birding and hiking.

It feels so good to do a challenging hike....and Silver Peak was a great hike to start out with.
Excellent Views...the weather was wonderful....We hiked 9 miles with a little over 3000 feet in elevation gain.

Jeff, Geno and I hiked the peak, while Patti worked on Geno's digital pictures for their website.

You must Read this article on Portal....very amusing.


  1. Wow how amazing !!!! I love looking at your Blog. Your trips are fabulous. I sometimes day dream that one day Piero and I will have your adventures. You both are very lucky. I love you both.xoxox-Your Niece Tara.

  2. Okay have to have outdone yourself. It was nice to be back in the mountains but we are a bit out of shape from all that food hummmmm. Loved the walk up and that you waited till the end to add the music. Loved your song selection by the way. The views were fabulous and I enjoyed your perspective all the way through. Great job.

  3. Wow, I was huffing and puffing with you. That was sure exhausting. I really enjoyed the climb, I am sure I lost a few pounds. Neat! Chicky


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