Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Emory Peak ~ Big Bend NP

I am way behind in blog posts…We are no longer in Big Bend National Park..

We are no longer in Texas…but that’s another story.

I want to show you photos from our hike up Emory Peak in Big Bend National Park.         

What a hike!

Jeff and I hiked some of this trail four years ago.

We hiked Laguna meadows, the Colima trail to South rim and back down the Pinnacle trail.

This time we decided to hike up the Pinnacle trail to Mt. Emory then take the Colima trail to Laguna meadows and back down to the car.

Below is the view on our drive to the trailhead.

mt emory_009


I used my Bad Elf to track our route..We thought it was just going to be a 12 mile hike..ended up being 15.



15 miles
Minimum Latitude:
29.241220° N
Maximum Latitude:
29.270586° N
Minimum Longitude:
103.312103° W
Maximum Longitude:
103.293213° W
Average Speed:
1.2 mph
Maximum Speed:
5.1 mph









Our hike started at the Chisos basin trailhead.

Pinnacle trail..

mt emory_108

The trail wasn’t as bad as I remembered it.

mt emory_017It was a steady uphill but nothing too difficult.

mt emory_021On the side of the trail we happened upon this cactus just starting to burst forth in bloom.

mt emory_022

mt emory_024

I am pointing to the peak we will be hiking to…

Mt Emory

Emory Peak, located in Big Bend National Park, is the highest peak in the Chisos Mountains.


mt emory_033

As we gain elevation we start to get some nice views.

mt emory_038Jeff is always hiking ahead of me..

I am very slow going up hill.

mt emory_040more views as we hike up the Pinnacle trail

mt emory_043

mt emory_046We met a nice couple and chatted a bit about RVing ~they had thought it might be a fun thing for them to do and we agreed and answered their questions on our RVing lifestyle...

Then uphill we go..

mt emory_052It was windy the previous day and the dust was still hampering the view..

mt emory_053A distant view of The Boot..

mt emory_056The Boot..

mt emory_058mt emory_059

The Pinnacle trail meets Emory Peak trail….

mt emory_080Stairmastermt emory_060

This was indeed a workout..

mt emory_061I stopped frequently to catch my breath.

mt emory_063Finally near the top..

See the solar panel on the upper left…some people climb the rock to that point.

mt emory_066I decided to climb the rocky area to the right..

see the people below me…

mt emory_068Once up and in an area I felt secure, I start taking photos of the view..

mt emory_069

mt emory_070

mt emory_071

mt emory_072

mt emory_073

It felt good to be able to climb this peak..well, just shy of the summit… The extra five feet or so to the summit was a bit too frightening for me to climb .. it would have been a rock scramble to get there with shear drops around me.

We hung out had lunch and chatted with the others at the peak.

mt emory_075Then downward…

mt emory_077

See the trail cutting through the mountain on the left side…

mt emory_078

Mexican Jay..

mt emory_081We continue on the trail heading south..

mt emory_084

mt emory_082Another view of The Boot..

mt emory_083We had thought of continuing to the South Rim but it was getting late and we wouldn’t have enough time.

We take the Colima trail.

mt emory_089

mt emory_090The hike is starting to wear me down…

and it seems longer than what I had expected..

mt emory_093I complain to Jeff about every mile or so..

mt emory_096Whenever the trail climbs I complain..

thinking it should be all downhill ..

mt emory_097Some nice views to ease my pain..

mt emory_098

mt emory_099

More trail..

Never ending..

mt emory_101at least that’s how it seems..

mt emory_103On and on and on…we hike..

mt emory_105Until finally signs of civilization!

I was exhausted!

15 miles ~ done!!

Jeff and I agreed there is no need to repeat this hike..

at least not the Emory Peak part.

We might still hike to South Rim..of course by the time we get back to Big Bend, we may be too old and need to take the escalator to the top!

mt emory_106


  1. That's a long hike, you did good!

  2. Awesome hike Dawn! I hope to get there someday.

  3. Awesome hike Dawn. Great photos. I hope to get there someday.

  4. Beautiful hike, but good grief - 15 miles?!? No wonder you were complaining. I wouldn't have even attempted it! Great job!!! :)

  5. That looks VERY exhausting! But also like a lot of fun:) I stalk you on Facebook so I know what you're doing:)

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