Monday, April 07, 2014

Here we are…

Here we are…

Dell and Craigys_005

We have been here a week already.

I last blogged about Big Bend..

We left there a few weeks ago and stopped for a quick visit in San Antonio to see The Alamo, The Riverwalk and visit with a few facebook birding friends.

We then zipped to Atlanta avoiding a potential hail and wind storm by driving through the night only stopping when we had no choice because there was a huge truck car carrier fire in front of us.. we waited one and a half hours while it exploded a few times…and finally the fire was put out.


We stayed a few days in Atlanta and visited with our nephew who goes to Emory.

Now we are here..

In Sicksta Adele and Craigys Side yard

Dell and Craigys_004Its spring in full swing..

Dell and Craigys_009I've set out a few more feeders to add to my Sickstas bird feeders set up.

Dell and Craigys_006The Ruby-throated hummingbird has already visited..

See the hanging water bottle?…

I created a slow drip system for the birds.

Dell and Craigys_011Pine warblers love suet..

Dell and Craigys_013

We took a drive to Pinehurst resort with some RVing friends who happened to be staying in the area.

The floral displays were beautiful.

pinehurstWe have had warm weather here and a few lovely sunsets..

SunsetIt’s a rainy, chilly day today..

Heard our first Black and White warbler of the season…. 

We drove into town to pick up some ingredients for mushroom soup ~I will use my mushrooms picked in Oregon..

Should be yummy on a day like today..


The Black Vultures had other things in their menu.

black vultures

So that’s it in this nutshell of a blog post..

We are here in North Carolina until the end of the month..

Then we head Norther..


  1. Dawn, my hubby and I have joined you on RV living~ Our travels have taken us up and down the West Coast so far~ Love the freedom!

  2. Dawn, I have thought of doing a drip system with a water bottle like that too. Do you like how it works? I am glad you are back in my time zone and look forward to seeing you sometime this summer! I cannot imagine sitting on the side of the road and watching a truck explode! I am glad you are okay!

  3. enjoy the southeastern forests...


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