Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We were there...now we are here...

We said goodbye to Patagonia, Arizona last Friday.
Our next destination was Alpine, Texas to visit Facebook birder friend Bill and his wife Marian....but it was going to be a long drive.
So we decided to go part way and stop in Las Cruces to visit with my birding friend Donna.
We parked overnight in a Walmart and in the morning Donna brought us to Dripping springs for a little birding.

This is a beautiful place...

Donna checking out the birds..

It was a chilly morning with sprinkles on and off.
Fun birding and great scenery.

It was great getting together with Donna again and seeing her neck of the woods.
Thanks Donna for showing us around!

While talking to Donna about birding areas nearby she mentioned Rattlesnake springs as being a great migrant trap.
The springs is north of Las Cruces and close to Carlsbad caverns.
I checked on ebird and saw that a Streak-backed Oriole had been in the area since November.

Oh...that would be a life bird and it wasn't too much of a diversion from Alpine...so we headed in that direction.

We arrived a bit late and it was starting to get dark, so we decided to stay at Camp Washington Ranch.
The ranch is just a short walk or drive to Alligator springs and we would get up early and start looking for the Oriole.

We met another couple the pervious night while scoping out the area and met them at the springs in the morning.
We searched the trees around the picnic area and the wooded area near the water.
We spent several hours looking ..
No Oriole..
We all decided to go to Washington ranch and have a look around.

While there...
I spotted something orange.
And there it was!
Streak-backed Oriole!!
Sorry about the lousy photo.
This is a gorgeous bird!!
My new favorite Oriole!

After seeing the Oriole we were on the road again.
Alpine, Texas.
And here we sit.
In Bill and Marian's side yard..
A wonderful view!

The sunsets are gorgeous, the view amazing..and the company is super.
We stay here a few more days and then head to Big Bend.
See you there!

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